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Unlimited Math Quizzes

Practiced advanced mathematics

Unlimited math questions generated by the code!


Textbooks - and other school-based books - have limited pages and limited questions to practice with. If you or your child desire to practice math for fun, prepare for exams, supplement school work, or re-learn and strengthen concepts, this app will generate as many questions as you desire. The app consists of two modules; test (quizzes on topics) and practice (specific sub-topics). Both require subscriptions for full functionality. However, free tests (with limited functions) are available to all users.


This app was developed as a personal mini-project to provide a utility for children to practice math during the lockdowns. Most education apps at the time were either too expensive, had substandard privacy policies, or did not cater to middle-high school students (with advanced math topics such as algebra, derivatives, integrals, etc.). This app solves these issues by creating a challenging, engaging, and private system that will help you or your children become better at math.

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